Feb 8th, 2012 - Oh we do like to be beside the seaside - UKIP's Derek Clark welcomes you to Skegness

8 February 2012

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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside - UKIP's Derek Clark welcomes you to Skegness

'...UKIP ready for spring conference in Skeggy ...'



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February 8, 2012

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It's all systems go for UKIP's spring conference in Skegness.  

Derek Clark, MEP for Lincolnshire and the East Midlands since 2004, said he was delighted the conference was being held in Skegness and cannot wait to greet delegates and party members on Saturday, March 3, at the Embassy Theatre in the town.

Mayor of Skegness, Councillor Steve Kirk, has agreed to open the conference and Mr Clark will then give a welcoming speech to visitors.

He said: "It's an honour to host the conference in Lincolnshire and I'm really looking forward to meeting people and discussing UKIP's politics, not just on Europe but on a host of issues which affect people every day of their lives."

Party leader Nigel Farage said: "UKIP has a lot of support in the Lincolnshire and Skegness areas and we are thrilled to be holding our spring conference there.

"We are confident of a great turn-out and have historically had strong showings in Boston and Skegness. It promises to be a great weekend for UKIP."

UKIP Boston and Skegness Chairman Chris Pain said: "The conference will give disillusioned voters the chance to come and see what UKIP is about.


"The Labour and Lib/Con stance on the EU, means that only by supporting UKIP will they stop the unlimited mass EU migration into the UK.

Non-party members who wish to find out more about the party and its aims are welcome to attend as a guest  by contacting the Conference Organiser, Chris Pain on, 07876 505055 or email c.pain@virgin.net.


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The UK Independence Party exists because none of the old traditional political parties are prepared to accept that the real government of Britain is now being transferred to Brussels.

Our purpose is to restore the authority for governing Britain to our elected parliament in Westminster. We believe that decisions made on behalf of people are made closest to the people, be they local, national or international decisions, which informs our wide-ranging manifesto covering issues right across the political spectrum.